Anti-Bribery Policy

Handok prepares for the anti- bribery policy and is committed
to fully comply with the policy aiming at the respected global healthcare
company in the pursuit of ethical and moral management.

  • We will never engage in any corruption and illegal acts with high standards of ethics.
  • We will comply with local and global laws and regulations related to anti-bribery, and requirements of management system for anti-bribery, and internal policies.
  • We will set the goals for anti-bribery; establish and put in place anti-bribery management system and to achieve its continued improvement.
  • We must report to Company any violations against this policy and anti-bribery immediately upon the awareness, and Company will protect the complainant from retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith.
  • Company will delegate the full and sole responsibility and authority to Anti-bribery Officer in connection with anti-bribery management.
  • Unless any reasonable actions are taken despite any violation or detected violation against this policy and anti-bribery laws and regulations, Company will take appropriate actions according to the internal policy.