Ethics Charter


Ethics Charter

We, Handok, as a highly respected pharmaceutical company, has been contributing to promoting public health and improvement of quality of life, as well as the development of national economy and society, with the best quality medicinal and health care products for the last 50 years.

With pride and confidence in our history thus far, Handok will do our best to become the first global pharmaceutical leader with internationally recognized standards based upon ethical and moral management.

Handok hereby shall establish ethics charter and practice the charter based upon code of ethics and value judgment. All employees should follow this charter in completing their mission with creative challenge spirit. Our goal is to ensure integral and transparent business climate based on high morality.

  • Handok will bring customer satisfaction and true worth by supplying the best quality medicinal products to our customers; protect property and interests of our customers and form partnership with mutual respect.
  • In addition, Handok will promote benefits for our shareholders and investors through maximization of corporate value based on efficient management with continuous innovation. We will also establish mutually trusted relationship by delivery of accurate and transparent accounting information and sincere public announcement.
  • Handok will comply with social norms as well as the applicable laws and regulations; respect market economic order based on free competition principles and pursue mutual prosperity by establishing community relations in cooperation with all the stakeholders.
  • Handok will respect all employees’ personality based upon mutually equal trust and reliability and will not engage in any discrimination. We will inspire all employees with a sense of ownership through fair assessment and compensation for their perfromance, while making every effort to ensure their safety, health and greater quality of life.
  • Handok will perform social responsibilities and obligations through proactive engagement in social welfare programs as a member of society and contribute to social development by compliance with laws and job creation. At the same time, we shall make best effort to ensure environment-friendly management and nature conservation.