Handok Reporting System

HANDOK Reporting System

This is an anonymous reporting system to report cases of unfair business practice, unreasonable demand or corruption by abusing the power,
as well as suggestions for improvement and recommendation and best practice of HANDOK executives and staff members.
Your courageous reporting and comment will lay the foundation of ethical management and transparent management of HANDOK and it is hereby pledged that the identity of the reporting person and details of the reporting will be thoroughly protected.

What to report

Unfair business practice and corruption (receiving an unfair treat of money and valuables)

  • Illegal or unfair use of the company property and manipulated/faulty reporting of a financial document
  • Other violation of ethical standards
  • Suggestions for improvement and recommendations for services and operation
  • Best practice cases of executives and staff members

Protection of the reporter

HANDOK Reporting System shall be on a confidential basis and keep the identity of the reporting person. In no event shall the reporting person be penalized (no disadvantage or discrimination in transaction relations or employment).

How to report

The reporter may opt whether to report anonymously or in real name.

  • E-mail address : Ethics@handok.com
  • Telephone number : (+)82-2-527-5310 (in-person consultation)
  • Mail address: HANDOK Reporting System staff 132 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

HANDOK Reporting System

Follow-up of the result

All reports shall be handled as soon as possible and the results shall be notified. (You can check the status of anonymous reporting using your password.)