report a concern

Your courageous reporting and comment will lay the foundation of ethical management and transparent management of HANDOK
and it is hereby pledged that the identity of the reporting person and details of the reporting will be thoroughly protected.

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  • Temporary ID and passwords are required to check the results.

Personal Information Collection Agreement

Handok ( considers the privacy of reporters as important and complies with the privacy policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We will notify you that the personal information provided by the informant is used only for the proceeding of the report as below and is never used for other purposes. Please refer to for more detailed privacy policy.

Items of Personal Information for Collection

Handok reporting system collects the following personal information when a reporter reports a concern in his / her name

  • Required: name, email, cell phone, username, password

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

  • Name, e-mail, cell phone: Receive the results to the report
  • ID, Password: Check the progress of the report and confirmation of the result

Retention and use period of personal information

Handok will destroy the personal information of the reporter after it has been kept for 3 years after the purpose of collecting or receiving the purpose of the personal information has been achieved. Handok will not provide Reporter's personal information to a third party unless the Reporter has agreed in advance or is required by law to do so under the law.

Report target information

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You have 5MB of disk space available for uploading.