Mission & Vision & Value

Handok Mission
Our Mission

To Enhance People’s Health and Quality
of Life by Providing
High-quality Products and Services

Handok Vision
Our Vision

To be “The Health Innovator”
as Korea’s leading global
total healthcare company

  • Provides products and services that promote general health and aid in the prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • Introduces products and services to the global market


Handok’s growth and success are underpinned by its core values of trust, integrity, innovation, partnership and achievement

  • Achievement

    Successfully achieve the highest goals

  • Partnership

    Focus on partnership as the key driver for future growth

  • Integrity

    Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity

  • Trust

    Dedicated to transparency and consistency to build trust both between employees and with partners

  • Innovation

    Strive for continuous improvement and development through innovation in all areas

By pursuing its vision while staying rooted in its values, Handok aims to become a world-class Korean pharmaceutical company that meets international standards in research and development, marketing, production, and management.