Handok Factory Recertified Seventh Time as a Green Company

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    2019.09.03 16:01
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Handok’s factory in Eumseong was recertified as a “green company” for the seventh time in a row by the Wonju Regional Environmental Agency. Having become the first pharmaceutical company in Korea to win that designation in 2000, Handok will now enjoy that status for 22 years in total until September 2022 with the latest renewal of the certificate.

Green companies are those that pass rigorous review and assessment for making significant contributions to environmental protection, including reducing pollution and improving energy efficiency. Handok’s Eumseong factory is a cutting-edge facility with a certified good manufacturing practice (CGMP) quality management system. Since the 1990s, Handok has been following its health, safety and environment policy under its own integrated HSE system, organizing a wide range of environment-conscious campaigns for reducing energy and other resource consumption as well as pollution.

The Handok factory has also been commended for actively investing in reducing pollution and preserving the local natural environment, investing KRW 2.2 billion over the last three years toward significantly decreasing emissions, greenhouse gases, and wastewater. The factory has acquired a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to ensure the complete incineration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated during production, in addition to replacing outdated emission collecting facilities with the latest versions. Furthermore, the factory has also renovated its air-conditioning system to reduce energy use.