Handok launches eight special design packages for KETOTOP

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    2018.11.22 09:38
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Handok launched eight special design packages for KETOTOP plaster, the best-selling muscle and arthritis pain relief patches in Korea.

These special, limited-edition packages bear eight different messages written in calligraphy, such as “I’ll stick with you until you feel better,” “I’m sorry you’re in pain,” and “Thanks for having my back.” The packages also feature flowers that have similar meanings as the messages, such as: lavender, which symbolizes expectations and strong desires; freesia, which means “I support you in your new beginning”; and carnations, which symbolize love.

“We launched the special-edition design packages this year as a thank you to our customers who have helped us maintain KETOTOP’s reputation as the best-selling muscle pain reliever, ever since it was first released 20 years ago,” explained Miyeon Kim, the head of Handok’s OTC Division. “We hope that the beautiful calligraphy messages and flowers help our customers feel even better when applying KETOTOP patches.” The KETOTOP special-edition packages are available in pharmacies in Korea and come in boxes of 10 or 80 patches (8 boxes of 10 patches).

Launched in 1994 as the first Korean arthritis pain relief patch, KETOTOP has consistently maintained its position as the best-selling OTC arthritis pain treatment in Korea. KETOTOP relieves pain and reduces inflammation at the affected site(s) by distributing pain-relieving chemicals through the skin and is effective for treating muscle pain as well as arthritis and joint pain. KETOTOP has recorded growth every year, generating over KRW 30 billion in single product sales. KETOTOP is now aiming to reach KRW 40 billion in brand sales. Last year, Handok built a plaster production plant in Eumseong in North Chungcheong Province, and now has the capacity to produce the KETOTOP patches on its own. By using the new plant, Handok plans to solidify KETOTOP’s position as the No. 1 pain relief patch in Korea and also expand the sales of KETOTOP to help it grow into a global brand.