Handok Launches “Everyday Health,” Its e-Commerce Platform for Health Products

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    2020.02.12 16:09
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Handok is to launch Everyday Health (, its e-commerce platform dedicated to health products and solutions. The website will introduce everyday healthy lifestyle tips along with health products made with trusted, quality ingredients.

The new website is an improvement upon Handok Mall, an earlier e-commerce platform used by the company. Everyday Health will feature eye-catching and intuitive designs that make it more convenient for consumers to find products and solutions that suit them.

Everyday Health also recommends products under such categories as “Energetic Day,” “Breezy Day,” “Refreshing Day,” “Confident Day,” and “Kids’ Day.” The Energetic Day features Queen’s Pomegranate Extracts and Hongsam Q Anytime; Breezy Day features Culturelle®, the world’s most popular probiotics, and Ready Q Chew for weight loss; Refreshing Day, Ready Q Drink for hangovers; Confident Day, Theracurmin Plus 90® and other health supplements featuring omega-3 fatty acids, fermented ginseng and pomegranate; and Kids’ Day, special formulas like Infartrini® and probiotics for children.