Handok launches Souvenaid, a medical nutrition for patients with mild cognitive impairments and early alzheimer’s dementia

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    2018.08.21 09:28
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Handok became the first company in Korea to launch Souvenaid®, a medical nutrition for patients with mild cognitive impairments and early alzheimer’s dementia. Souvenaid® is a vanilla-flavored drink designed to support neural synapses by providing nutrients that patients with mild cognitive impairments or early alzheimer’s dementia may potentially lack. 

A portmanteau of the French word souvenir, meaning “to remember,” and the English word “aid,” Souvenaid® was developed by Nutricia, a division of the Danone group that specializes in therapeutic foods and clinical nutrition. Souvenaid® contains Fortasyn ConnectTM, a patented mix of DHA, EPA, UMP, Choline, and other ingredients with scientifically proven clinical results. The product is currently available for purchase in countries around the world including the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and Hong Kong. Handok will be officially importing and selling the product in Korea.

Souvenaid® has been proven effective in four clinical trials in Europe and the United States conducted on 1,322 patients with mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer’s. In 2017, the results of a clinical trial conducted with the support of the European Union on 311 patients with mild cognitive impairment was published in the renowned medical journal, Lancet Neurology.

Heehyun Jang, Director of Handok’s Medical Nutrition Division, explained, “Many people believe that dementia is an inevitable part of aging, but it is actually a disease that can be controlled with early diagnosis and continuous care. There are no known treatments for dementia, and a proper diet is necessary for patients with dementia. We hope that Souvenaid can be helpful for patients suffering from mild cognitive impairments and Alzheimer’s.”

Patients are encouraged to consult with their physician before taking Souvenaid®, which is taken once daily. People who are already being treated for Alzheimer’s can also take Souvenaid®, which can be purchased at pharmacies, Handok Mall ( or Nutricia ( online or by phone (1833-9980).