Handok to officially export Ready Q, a tasty hangover relief jelly, to China

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    2018.07.24 09:26
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Handok is now officially exporting its hangover relief jelly, Ready Q, to China. Handok announced that it had completed the initial export of 120,000 bottles of Ready Q Drink and 77,000 packs of Ready Q Chew.

Launched in 2014, Ready Q has been particularly popular among Chinese tourists; based on this popularity, Handok has been considering the idea of exporting the product to China. Handok will focus even more heavily on targeting the Chinese market, as the company received the sanitation permit from the Chinese government to directly export Ready Q and secured the necessary channels to enter the Chinese market by attending the largest consumer goods fair and food and beverage expos in China.

Ready Q will be officially launched in Chinese pharmacies and online malls that carry hangover relief products. In the future, Handok will further expand its distribution channels to supermarkets and convenience stores to actively build its presence in the hangover relief product market in China.

A Handok official remarked, “We expect Ready Q products to receive even more attention from the Chinese market now that the product, which has been popular among Chinese tourists to Korea for its tasty flavors and effective potency, will be available in China. Using China, the largest market in Asia, as a foothold, we plan to enter the global hangover relief product market and expand our presence to the United States, Vietnam, and other countries.”