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“NatureSet”, Handok’s specialized brand of dietary supplements, started from the idea each individual has different nutritional needs as one’s body is different from one another. In order to make credible and effective products on the basis of trust, Handok created “NatureSet” based on the reliable scientific research. “NatureSet” is made only with healthy ingredients and suits different physical traits. The development philosophy behind “NatureSet” is to assist our customers in leading healthy and active lives.

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Food & Beverage (High-Absorption Curcumin)

Ready Q

Ready Q is the new market trend Leader in Hangover remedy. Ready Q, the delicious hangover remedy, was launched in 2014, Korea. With differentiated taste and special commercial activities, it has been ranked on top brand in Korean market. There are two kinds of products ; Drink and Chew(Gummy). Ready Q Drink, Hangover-curing drink including 50mg of yellow Curcumin. Ready Q Chew, A must-eat item before/after drinking alcohol including 30mg of yellow Curcumin. The Curcumin of Ready Q is Theracurmin®, Curcumin extracted from natural turmeric and made as small particles to be soluble and absorbed well into the body.

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Theracurmin Plus

Theracurmin Plus 90 and Theracurmin Max is the innovative and best way to consume Theracurmin which includes Curcumin made as small particles to be soluble and absorbed well into the body. Theracurmin Plus 90 is powder including Curcumin 90mg per stick. Theracurmin Max is small tablet including Curcumin 50mg per sachet. Curcumin is a bright yellow phytochemical extracted from Curcuma Longa(Tumeric) belonging to East Indian ginger family. Because of its insolubility and big particles, Curcumin is hardly absorbed into the body. Theracurmin®, highly bioavailable curcumin preparation, was developed to complement this.

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Medical Nutrition

In the beginning of 2013, Handok expanded business into the field of medical nutrition by forming a partnership with Nutricia,
and introducing a range of products targeting pediatric to elderly consumers
to enhance their recovery or improve quality of life through specific dietary

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Advanced Medical Nutrition

Nutricia is a specialized healthcare division of the food company Danon and focuses exclusively on research of scientifically proven nutrition to meet the needs of patients and individuals for whom normal diet is insufficient or impossible.


Neocate is a 100% amino-acid and nutritionally completes infant formula. Neocate is supported with over 80 publications and 30 years of clinical experience.


Infatrini is an optimal formula for catching up growth. It is a nutritionally complete and energy-dense formula, with optimal protein level for infants experiencing poor growth. Infatrini is suitable as a sole source of nutrition and contains prebiotics, DHA/AA, nucleotides and a unique fat blend that contains LCPs.