Handok takes innovation and partnership seriously. That is why we have established a dedicated group to identify novel research programs as the foundation for new partnerships. Our R&D Center searches for and initiates research collaborations with potential partners in Korea and across the World.

Through an open innovation model, which relies on sources of innovation outside the company, the New Drug & Bio Research Department seeks to build a pipeline of novel drug candidates for Handok.

Once a prospective drug is identified, the New Drug & Bio Research Department works with our internal experts to secure intellectual property rights, prepare the drug candidate for first studies in man (investigational new drug filing) and obtain clinical proof of concept. We will work with you to successfully bring your compounds to the Korean & global market.

Pipeline success stories

The New Drug & Bio Research Department has successfully developed partnerships with various research institutions across Korea. Current early pipeline products include the following projects initiated through Open Innovation:

  • Handok is working together with CMG Pharmaceutical to develop a new anticancer agent. This project is currently a government-funded research program of National OncoVenture.
  • We are also developing a bio-better drug for Growth Hormone Deficiency with Genexine.

Get to know us: get in touch

The New Drug & Bio Research Department currently consists of scientists with extensive experience in various drug developments, as well as external experts to identify projects of strategic interest to Handok.

Please feel free to contact us for early stage research (from Lead Optimization to Proof of Concept) collaboration.

Existing R&D Partnerships

Handok has successfully partnered with both large and small companies and organizations across many therapeutic areas. Current R&D partners include the following organizations: