Diversity & Inclusion

Hannok waits for your challenge.

Strength through diversity

We believe that operating a transparent, objective, and reasonable performance-and capability-oriented human resource system that supports employee growth and diversity is the best way to remain competitive in the global market.

We respect each person’s growth potential and creativity. By having a more diverse workforce, Handok will have a greater insight into how to serve both our employees and customers better.

That’s why we focus on recruiting and developing people who value personality as much as performance and actively reward and implement employee ideas through a series of awards, such as our 5 values Awards and our The Health Innovator prize.

Encouraging women in the work place

We place particular importance on attracting and retaining women as part of our teams. We encourage women to assume leadership roles and take pride in the fact that the female to male ratio in both factory and office jobs is much higher than the industry average. To accommodate the unique work-life balance challenges that women face, we have instituted a flex-time option for all employees and created a mothers’ room in the main office and factory.

Promoting diversity through partnership with internal and external partnerships

In an effort to connect with future talent, Handok has launched several internal and external initiatives. Internally, we host regular cross-business unit meetings between labor and management, and sales and marketing. Additionally, our CEO hosts regular meetings with each department. Externally, Handok is pursing partnership with universities through outreach activities such as the pharmacy & MBA student internship program.