With Dang Dang Walk Socks, Handok Raises Awareness of Diabetic Foot and Supports those with Diabetes

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    2019.11.13 16:07
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Handok joins World Diabetes Day with its Dang Dang Walk campaign, launching new merchandise to raise money for people with diabetes.

Handok has been organizing the annual Dang Dang Walk campaign since 2009 with the goal of raising public awareness of diabetic foot and other complications from diabetes. Diabetic foot is a common symptom that afflicts nearly 40 percent of all diabetic patients. It can be debilitating, as even small injuries can lead to amputation. Handok teamed up with I Hate Monday, a sock brand in Korea, to develop the special Dang Dang Walk socks as part of this year’s campaign.

The socks have been designed specifically for diabetic patients, on the basis of advice from medical practitioners, and exert no pressure on wearers’ feet and ankles even as they stay securely and snugly in place. They are also in bright colors so that it is easy for wearers and medical professionals to notice injuries. Finally, non-allergenic dyes have been used for color.

The four types of socks draw attention with their trendy, signature I Hate Monday designs. Not only eye-catching, they also feature important information and messages for diabetic patients, including “126 mg/dL or lower for blood glucose” and “HbA1c of less than 6.5%.”

The socks will go on sale at for three weeks starting on November 13. Handok will match all proceeds to provide financial support and Dang Dang Walk socks for patients struggling financially.