Corporate Social Responsibility

Handok’s Giving Back

Besides its commitment to enhancing people’s health and quality of life, Handok strives to give back to society through numerous initiatives.

Handok Jeseok Foundation

The Handok Jeseok Foundation operates the Handok Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as a scholarship program that provides a full-tuition scholarship to medical and pharmacy students to encourage the brightest minds to pursue careers in these fields. In addition, Handok also sponsors talented researchers, to help encourage therapeutic advances

The Handok Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy was founded in 1964 as the first corporate museum in Korea, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Handok. The museum contains six National Treasures and over 10,000 antique medical books and historical medical and pharmaceutical exhibits from all over the world.

Other Programs

In collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, Handok sponsors annual comprehensive medical check-ups, at no cost, to persons who are considered to embody intangible national cultural values. Handok also sponsors concerts by these individuals for people who have otherwise limited access to cultural events.

Handok also supports Dang-Dang Walking (“Dynamic walking to overcome Diabetes”), an awareness campaign to remind people with diabetes about the importance of exercise to control their blood glucose level and the need for foot care to avoid foot ulcers and the risk of diabetic foot amputations.

Handok carries out Memory Café campaign, which means ‘various ways to keep your memory’ in Korean, to prevent dementia with Seoul Metropolitan Government from 2018. Memory café is a moving café which operates by patients with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia.

Furthermore, Handok sponsors various academic awards, including the “Emil von Behring Award” for members of the Korean Medical Association for outstanding medical research and the “Yak-Yeon Award” for members of the Korean Pharmaceutical Association.

Handok employees regularly participate in local volunteer activities and Handok frequently donates emergency medical products to the Korea Red Cross for use in disaster relief efforts.