History of the ethical management

  • Handok- The introduction of the ethical management in a leading way, and the settlement as a corporate culture.

    Since the foundation, Handok has been consistently putting into practice the ethical management and the righteous management. And, by enacting and promulgating the code of ethics in the year 2007, it has been continuously putting into practice the ethical management under the standard of the higher ethical value judgments.

  • 2010's
    Won the Highest Excellence Management Grand Prize (The category of ethical management) of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration.
    The establishment of the anti-bribery management system.
    The appointment of the Representative Director as the compliance manager.
    (The first time in the pharmaceutical industry)
    The new establishment of the organization that is in exclusive charge of the ethical management.
    Won the Transparent Management Grand Prize- The joint selection by 5 economic organizations, including the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI).
    (The first time in the pharmaceutical industry)
  • 2000's
    Won the Transparent Accounting Grand Prize- Conferred by the Korean Accounting Association.
    Won the Republic of Korea Health Industry Grand Prize (The category of ethical management) conferred by the Health Industry CEOs’ Summit.
    The implementation of the “clean cards” (the corporate cards that are blocked from unsound businesses).
    The introduction of the Compliance Program.
    The introduction of the ICFR (Internal Control over Financial Reporting).
    The proclamation of the ethics charter and the enactment of the guidelines regarding the code of ethics and the putting into practice.
    The installation of the Audit Committee.
  • 1970~1990's
    The use of the corporate card in all of the business fields
    (The transparent execution of the business expenses).
    The establishment of the transparent management infrastructure through the introduction of the ERP (The first time in the pharmaceutical industry).
    The strengthening of the corporate transparency through the disclosure of the corporation (The first time as a joint-venture company).