Terms & Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms of use is to define the terms of use and process of the information (hereinafter, “information”) provided by Handok (hereinafter, “Company”), as well as over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs provided by Handok.

Article 2 (Change in terms of use)

These terms of use may be amended for reasonable reasons in the future, such as for the users’ convenience, improvement of information quality, amendment of applicable laws and regulations and other necessary information management, and such amendments shall become effective by online notice through the company’s website (www.handok.co.kr).

Article 3 (Definition)

User: individual who has limited access to the company’s webpage and contents provided on the webpage.

Article 4 (Obligations)

1. Company’s obligations

The website will keep your personal information collected through Q&A confidential; collect and use the information only for the purpose within the website, such as improvement and operation of the service and provision of new information; and will not collect, use or transfer the information to the third parties for any other purposes. However, these obligations will not be applicable when required by the due procedures, such upon request from the applicable authorities for the purpose of investigation pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations, or upon request from the Korea Internet Safety Commission.

2. User’s obligations

  • A. User should comply with the terms herein, applicable laws and regulations, and notices on the website.
  • B. User cannot engage in any commercial activities using the service without prior consent of the company.
  • C. User cannot infringe intellectual property rights including copyright without consent of the company or engage in any act of damaging the reputation of the third party or the website or any obstruction of business.

Article 5 (Information availability)

The website’s administrator can provide a wide range of information through sources other than the website while operating the website.

Article 6 (Restriction and discontinuation of the information use)

If one or more of the following reasons are applicable, the company may prohibit the use of this information without prior notification or within a defined timeline, and shall not be responsible for any related consequences. Should users who are prohibited to use this information have any objections, they may file a written objection to the company indicating the reasons. The company will notify them of the result after checking and reviewing the feasibility of the objection.

  • 1. If a user commits any act that disturbs the order or fine customs of the society in connection with the use of information on this website;
  • 2. If a user damages the reputation of, or penalizes, others or the company in connection with the use of information on this website;
  • 3. If a user is deemed to be unqualified for using this website according to the company’s standards;
  • 4. If a user provides false information in Q&A;
  • 5. If a user uses this information for criminal acts;
  • 6. If a user disturbs other users in their use of information on this website;
  • 7. If the key telecommunications service provider defined by Telecommunications Business Act stops the telecommunications service,
  • 8. If national emergency, failure of service facilities or service traffic congestion leads to the interruption of services; and
  • 9. If it is judged inappropriate to continue providing services for other critical reasons.

Article 7 (Use of Service and Maintenance)

  • 1. The service will be available for 24 hours except when it is unavailable due to the company’s business or technical issues. The service will not be available during the time or date designated by the company for maintenance as described in this Article 7, or under other unavoidable circumstances.
  • 2. To provide service of good quality, the company will perform maintenance and regular inspection of service.
  • 3. Any addition, changes or deletion of service details will be posted on the website.

Article 8 (Service Charges)

The information on this website will be provided free of charge.

Article 9 (Dispute Settlement)

The company will promptly deal with reasonable complaints and objection raised by users. However, if a prompt response is not possible, users will be informed of the reason and schedule immediately.

Article 10 (Indemnification)

The company will make a claim for compensation against the damages if a user commits unauthorized copy of the service information, provides the service information to the third party, or uses the service information for other purposes by means of printouts, CD-ROM, ON-LINE, internet service and other programs.

Article 11 (Disclaimer)

The company will not be liable for any damages incurred to users for any of the followings:

  • 1. If service unavailability results from natural disasters or equivalent force majeure;
  • 2. If the company notifies service unavailability to users in advance for reasons of planned constructions, such as system improvement, equipment extension and upgraded construction for efficient service provision;
  • 3. If the faults attributable to a user lead to interruptions in the use of service; and
  • 4. For user’s loss and benefits that arise out of the information or data that the user obtains through the service or that are incurred or expected from the service that the user uses or will use.

Article 12 (Rights and Responsibility for Postings)

  • 1. The data and information that the company provides will be under the ownership of the company and will remain the property of the company, or will be under the license of the company, and will be subject to the protections of Copyright Act and Online Digital Contents Industry Promotion Act.
  • 2. You should enter into the written agreement and quote the source as the company when you quote the contents of the company’s service or use it for noncommercial purposes. It is prohibited to reprint, modify, copy, assign, distribute, publish, display or sell the contents of the service, or to use the contents for various information services, including product commercialization, internet and database, without such agreement.
  • 3. If a user uses the company’s service based on a separate written agreement, it is prohibited to provide the service to the third party other than the contract parties; if a user violates such condition, the user will be held accountable for damages.

Article 13 (Miscellaneous)

The matters that are not defined herein and the interpretation of the Terms of Use will be subject to Guidelines for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and the applicable laws and regulations and will be in compliance with common commercial practices, unless otherwise defined in the laws.

The Seoul Central District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes regarding the use of the service.

Article 14 (Limitation of Liability)

In no event will the company be liable for any consequences of the use of indirect information service of the other company’s site provided in the company’s website through partnership with the third parties.

– Supplementary Provisions –

Effective date: 20 October 2006
Amended on: 1 July 2013
Amended on: 30 July 2015
Amended on: 13 July 2018

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