Great Work Place

Hannok waits for your challenge.

Handok: A Great Place to Work

Our employees are our greatest asset. We work hard at earning their trust, developing their talent, and rewarding them for their service. We aim to make work as fulfilling and fun as possible because we know that happy employees are better employees. Our goal is to create a great place to work that Handok employee will take a great sense of pride in being a part of, every day.

Talent development for continuous growth

There are multiple personal development opportunities available for Handok employees. Employees may elect to pursue courses at external professional education institutions such as graduate schools or they can take advantage of internal programs. Our in-house training institute, Mi-Rae-Chang-Jo-Won, opened in modern facilities in 2007 and offers key courses for job performance improvement and personal capability development.

Handok benefits: the best working conditions and rewards for the best talent

To reward our employees for their service, we provide a flexible range of financial, health, and social benefits.

  • Flexible

    Our flexible point-based benefits program can be tailored by each employee according to his or her needs and preferences. Points can be used to redeem a range of benefits, including:

    • Self-development programs
    • Cultural activities
    • Health and fitness training
    • Condo fee support
  • Work & Life
    • Flexible Working Hours (Flexible time, mobile office..)
  • Fun and
    • Accident insurance
    • Medical Checkups
    • Paid bereavement and personal leave
    • New employee welcome item
    • In house cafe with (professionally trained baristas)
    • Library Facility
    • Various volunteer programs (CSR Program)
    • Cafeteria offers healthy food choices
    • Physical fitness program for employees
    • Outstanding employee awards
    • Benefit programs for expectant mothers
    • On-site Factory dormitory & employee shuttle
  • Fun
    • Child support and school expense support
    • Employment expense support
    • On-site factory dormitory and 30 condos for employee use
    • Support for non-resident (Interest-free loans, Temporarily residence fee, Removal Expenses, family reunion fee)
    • Employee training and development program
    • Stock option system
    • Support for holiday leave and holiday payment

Handok recognized as a Great Place to Work

Handok’s transparent corporate culture and good employee relations have led to a dispute-free relationship with the employees’ labor union and have earned us numerous awards, including Presidential citations. Some highlights are below.